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In memory of our beloved DJ, Terry Lee, creator of the TL Sound and Music For Young Lovers.


Gone, but will never be forgotten. The TL Sound will live in our hearts forever.

From the hills of the Mon Valley, Terry Lee began playing his own unique style of music, gathering everything from 50's and 60's rock to the greatest local bands, and on to soulful ballads that would later become Music For Young Lovers. His female audience swooned over the romantic ballads and sexy voice, and his male audience awaited the next big hit so they could add it to their own record collection. As soon as they could drive, teens spent their nights at local parking spots listening to "The Magic of the TL Sound." Radio stations WESA, WARO, WMCK, and WIXZ, and night spots like the White Elephant, Redd's Beach, and the TL Nite Train attracted this new legion of local area teens to listen on their transistor radios or dance the night away to the music that would someday become reminiscent of their youth.




The TL Sound and Music For Young Lovers are his legacy. The legend will live on.

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All of the Terry Lee Music For Young Lovers Albums are now available at the TL Webstore. 

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